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Comprehensive Natural Medicine and Acupuncture

Personalized integrative health care

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Comprehensive Natural Medicine and Acupuncture offers patients both a primary care and specialty care solution, by integrating the strengths of western medicine and the flexibility and personalization of alternative medicine.


Our primary care offers you a principal point of consultation and continuity of care within the health care system.  We provide you with information and provide treatment options for a wide range of common healthcare conditions (i.e. hypertension, angina, diabetes, asthma, depression, anxiety, back pain, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction). 


We are able to provide you with current standards of care, as well as complementary alternative options that can benefit your health care experience as you navigate your current health concerns.


Health is a balance of biochemistry, nutrition, emotions, lifestyle, regular maintenance, your ability to process stress and toxins, and genetics.  We have a wide range of tools to help you consider all these factors as you move towards a fuller and healthier existence.



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Comprehensive Natural Medicine and Acupuncture accepts most major insurance carriers (Premera, etc.). Please verify with our office staff if your plan is eligible for coverage currently.
Kirkland Appointments:
Phone:  (206) 618-6549      9 AM - 5 PM      Mon - Fri   
Our goal is to provide you with flexibility and multiple tools as   you make health care decisions for yourself and your family. 
    Primary Care
          Annual Exams
          Acute Care
          Chronic Illness
          Preventative Care
          Optimal Health Maintenance
          Mental and Social Health Issues 
          Health and Nutrition Education
          Supplement Optimization
          Prescription Management
     Specialty Care
          Craniosacral Medicine
          Personalized Herbal Medicine Formulation
          Gentle Adjustments
          Restorative Physical Medicine
          Digestive Concerns
          Sleep Disturbance
          Women's Hormonal Health & Fertility
          Alternative Vaccination Strategies
          Gentle Detoxificaiton Approaches
          Longevity and Health Maximizing Strategies
There are often multiple ways to approach any health care concern.  Our goal is to help you find the best and most effective tool to improve your health at that time.
Kirkland office (near Evergreen hospital):
11821 NE 128th Street
Suite H
Kirkland, WA